10 Training Tips To Gain Lean Muscle

Gaining lean muscle involves loads of commitment, persistence and, hard work; however, by following the basic dogmas of hypertrophy training your dream of an artistically sculpted and chiseled body may well become a reality. The top ten tips discussed below will suffice to aid in building lean muscle and obtaining your fitness objectives.


1. Train your muscles frequently.

Ramping up muscle mass requires increasing muscle cells in the body. An Increase in muscle cells will come as a consequence of training often. Increasing your frequency from two to a minimum of four times a week will expose your muscle cells to a sustained tear and repair. This tear and repair is requisite for the increase in your muscle cells, and as a consequence, gain in muscle mass.

2. Train with varying intensity.

Sticking with a set number of reps and sets (likely 6-12 reps) is beneficial for maintaining the muscles you’ve already acquired. However, if you intend to flesh out lean muscle, it’s important to render some form of a challenge to the muscle cells. Gradually increasing the reps and sets steadily (from 6 reps to 20-30 reps) as you advance in your training schedule is an effective way to challenge the muscles.

Another way to challenge the muscles is to push them to the point of failure. Pushing the muscle to its limits stimulates it to respond by adding the muscle mass you desire.


3. Focus on compound exercises.

Compound exercises are the most effective in muscle building, as they work out more than one muscle group. Compound movements such as dead-lifts, bench, squats and overhead presses, are believed to induce the secretion of anabolic hormones in the body, leading to greater muscle growth.

Compound exercises use a lot of muscle thus providing an intense workout in a minimal time period. This is especially advantageous to those pressed for time and need a powerful strength-endurance workout.

4. Use isolated exercises.

Even though you need to focus on compound movements, this doesn’t imply that you forgo isolated exercises. Targeted isolated movements are beneficial in adding volume to your workout regime. Using the targeted isolated movements such as calf raises, leg curls, triceps extensions, and bicep curls, may prove to be quite useful in boosting the lagging performance of individual muscle groups.


Isolated exercises don’t strain the muscles that much and thus you can recover from them relatively fast.


5. Consistency is key.

As much as it’s important to tweak your training as you progress, to provide enough of a challenge to stimulate muscle growth, it’s just as important to be consistent and to stick with the program long enough to reap observable benefits.

Every beginner dreams of the Schwarzzenegger body when starting out their workout regime. What they fail to realize is that it requires a substantial amount of persistence, commitment and consistency before the results arrive. A proper lean muscle training program will generate not more than two pounds of muscle a month. However, if you’re persistent and consistent enough to stick with it for a year, the muscle mass will compound, and you’ll gain a head-turning twenty-four pounds of lean muscle. And yeah, people will notice.

6. Rest.

Rest is often overlooked, but it’s of extreme significance if you intend to build lean muscle. To stimulate muscle growth, the muscle group ought to be completely fatigued; however, it also needs time to recover before it’s worked again. When a muscle group is completely fatigued, it’s fibers break down or tear. Recovery time and proper nutrition are necessary for the muscle group to repair and rebuild itself. Set aside at least two days to give your muscles and body respite from the intense workout.

Sleep is also very beneficial, as it enables you to workout at your full potential. Sleep recharges your willpower.


7. Use supplements.

Supplements aren’t meant to substitute a proper nutritious diet. Supplements primarily aid in filling nutritional gaps. These nutritional gaps occur when you aren’t getting enough nutrients from your dietary plan to coax the body into building lean muscle. Supplements increase strength, performance and trigger muscle recovery. Some of the best and well-known supplements include creatine, protein powders, glutamine, multi-vitamins, fish oil, casein protein and joint formulas.


8. Eat plenty of protein.

Muscles are composed of protein. Proteins are in turn made of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of the muscles; therefore it is obvious that you require high amounts of protein to build lean muscle. Protein intake aids in attaining a positive nitrogen balance, better referred to as an anabolic state. Being in an anabolic state is crucial for achieving muscle growth.

Estimates show that you need approximately one to two grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. The most efficient way to achieve the required amount is to break the protein consumption into small servings throughout the day. Some sources of protein include chicken, eggs, steak, protein powder shakes, nuts, cheese, milk, seafood.


9. Find a favorable training environment.

Exercising need tons of motivation and willpower. If you surround yourself with like-minded people, you’re likely to generate enough motivation to strive for your fitness goals. It’s also quite prudent to find a training partner that shares your desire, and you can push each other to the limits of your potential during the workouts.


10. Maintain a positive mental attitude. Be enthusiastic.

Attitude is the one word that will enable you to transmute all your desires into results. Any task that you undertake with enthusiasm is bound to turn out successful, which means that if you are committed, determined and enthusiastic to tackle each workout in the gym, you’ll build lean muscle in no time. Simply love the training program and it will love your body in turn.

Gaining lean muscle takes patience and commitment, implying that it’ll take time to build those lean muscles, thus, you need to make it a long-term goal. Getting information on the most adept way to train is a good place to start your training journey; however, the real journey is in actually getting a gym membership and sticking to a program. It’s the only way you develop that sculpted and chiseled body you so desire. And have fun.