4 Fantastic Tips For Bicep Bulging Bliss

We all want huge guns but what happens when we don’t know the roadmap to bulging biceps? Biceps are the one muscle group that everyone wants big ones but for some people they grow.

Why hold back? Time to get to those tips immediately…

TIP #1 Compound Exercises Rule


Bicep curls are great but nothing beats forcing your body to work in a fully compounded way to use all the fibers of the muscle to force growth.

If you can’t do many, or any, chin-ups then use a chair to help you up and allow yourself down only on the bicep and do a minimum of 4 reps.

TIP #2 PREACH To Your Bicep


Preacher curls, because I can get a really good mind-muscle connection and my arms respond quite well to these. I find this short-head movement provides continuous tension from the bottom to the top of the range of motion. I give it a good squeeze in the peak-contracted position.

TIP #3 The Grip Makes A Huge Difference


Here’s a new gripping strategy we use, which I can promise will give you a much better biceps pump!

Instead of gripping the dumbbell from the middle (in the traditional manner), grip toward the thumb side with your hand as far to this side as possible.

Tip #4 You Need To Increase Blood Flow & Testosterone Levels

very power athletic guy bodybuilder , execute exercise with dumbbells, in dark gym

Increasing blood flow and testosterone influxes are one of the biggest reasons to get big arms that no one talks about but it’s absolutely necessary.

Without increased blood flow your muscle can’t get the “pump” it needs to reach full potential and without a good boost of testosterone it won’t grow all that much.

Of course blood flow and increased testosterone will happen naturally when you work out but if you want to maximize this potential we’ll make a recommendation…

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Good luck building out your guns!!!