5 Burpee Exercises for Beginners

Burpee is a workout that not only increases the rate of your heart beat but also helps strengthen and tone your upper body in just one go. The name burpee was coined from the name of an American psychologist called Royal H. Burpee, who used this exercise to test one’s coordination and agility. To do this exercise you need to have strong wrists, thighs, pectorals, abs, shoulders, abs, and glutes. This workout isn’t recommended for those who are not that fit but you can do modifications to suit your current fitness levels.

First Level

Start by going down to a squat pose until the point that you are comfortable in. Place hands on the ground then extend each leg behind you. Once you’ve balanced yourself on the top of a pushup pose go back to your squat position with your knees close to the elbows. Press feet on the ground then stand up.

Second Level

For this level, you should perform a squat as low as you can then place your hands on the ground. Place your feet back with your knees down on the ground one at a time. Do one knee pushup with your chest as close to the ground as you can manage. Bring your feet back into their previous pose before doing a squat then straighten up.

Third Level

Again lower yourself to a squat position then extend both feet behind you in one movement or by bouncing. Once you’ve managed to balance yourself in a push up position, bounce your feet back into their first position, perform a squat then drive your feet to the ground while standing upright.


Fourth Level

Once you reach this level, you are now in a much better shape to perform the basic burpee faster. Start by going down on a squat with hands on the ground. Kip your feet back then do one pushup. Bounce your feet back forward to a squat position then stand fast.

Fifth Level

At this point, your body should be stronger and fitter to perform burpees as quickly as possible. You should start by going down on a squat position and as you extend your legs behind you, your hands should be placed on the ground. Lower yourself into a single pushup, drive your knees back to their first position, press your feet to the ground then jump to a squat position.

In order for you to perform this workout perfectly, look for a surface that is even. There is nothing wrong with starting at the first level because everyone who did burpee actually started this way. Gradually increasing the intensity of your burpees can help strengthen your muscles while boosting your heart rate and metabolism. The more intense your burpees are the bigger the amount of calories you get to burn.

Adding burpees to your daily workout will be beneficial to you in the long run as this exercise really works out your entire body. Don’t be afraid to start today. Just follow the levels mentioned above and you’ll be performing burpees in no time.