6 Total Body Exercises For Busy Moms

Do you want to burn fat and build lean muscle but are short on time? Give a routine that hits all of your major muscle groups a try! Each of the following are awesome exercises that target your whole body.  Do the moves one after another with no rest between sets for an increased aerobic effort in less than 25 minutes. (Repeat the exercises a total of three times for one minute each, resting one minute between each set.) Just remember, doing total body workouts everyday will increase your risk of injury. Plan a rest day or low impact cardio session for the day after a total body workout.

1. Corkscrew Pushup: This is a bit different than your average pushup! This move will have your whole body working. It’s a great way to change things up and push yourself to do new things.

corkscrew pushup skinnymom brooke griffin move 1

2. Kettlebell Two-Arm Swing:  Kettlebells are an awesome way to change up any stale workout routine. This move offers a total body burn that really hits home!



Kettlebell Two-Arm-Swing

3. Push Press: Getting an all-over toned look means working your body from head, to toe, to fingertips! This Push Press is a good way to ensure you aren’t neglecting your up body, while still working your lower!

push press demo how to

4. Inch Worm: This is a total body move that has your arms and legs working together. By keeping a tight core, you’re engaging your abs as well! How many can you do in 60 seconds?


5. Jumping Side Squat: Grab your Boso Ball and get jumping! This is a great way to get your heart going while toning your lower body. Be sure you’ve got a steady footing before jumping onto the next foot.




6. Burpees with a Pushup: You hate them, but you love them. Burpees are seriously challenging. You’ll be feeling this all-body burn when you add in a pushup to your burpee!

burpee pushup