What does it take to become a legend?

Many people don’t think about it much, but when it comes to building a better you, whether physically or mentally, philosophy is going to play a major role. Now what does that mean exactly? Does it mean you have to be spiritual about your bodybuilding, that you have to have a whimsical chant and mantra you repeat to yourself when your lifting. Maybe. But ultimately it means more than that. So many people like to emphasize the physical aspect of the game while refusing to realize that any athletic endeavor, bodybuilding or not, all of them require impressive mental fortitude and knowledge.

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There are tons of different philosophies about training, how and when you should perform something and why. Training methods are as tied in with philosophy as anything else. There’s a reason bodybuilders talk about the mind muscle connection. Belief in a specific program and understanding how one thing affects another is such a vital part of improving your physique, taking it to new heights. It’s a notion that Arnold Schwarzenegger completely agrees with and look how he turned out.



With seven Olympia title wins under his belt and being widely considered the greatest bodybuilder, I think it’s safe to say that Arnold may just know a bit about building a massive physique. But Arnold wasn’t only revered because of his great physique, but his mental strength as well. He was unlike any other bodybuilder that came before or after his reign. His knowledge of bodybuilding along with his a skills in psychological warfare made him into the all time great that’s celebrated to this day.

Arnold teamed up with to offer up some of the training methods and philosophies that shaped him into a bodybuilding champion. This isn’t just a quick 2 minute video brushing through basics – this is an in depth look getting some actual insight from one of the best in the world: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Take a look at the video below of Arnold dropping some knowledge.

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Report: He Put On 20+ Lbs Of Muscle Without Trying – See How