Detailed 10 Treadmill Exercises to Burn Fat Fast

Not only do good treadmill workouts help with weight loss, they also increase your fitness, and improve your heart health. Depending on your fitness plan (how long you walk/run and how often), it’s possible to lose weight quite quickly.

When incorporating a treadmill workout as part of your fat-burning routine make sure you add in variety. For example, change the incline and decline, try a different program settings, walk then run – regular changes keep your body challenged and your mind engaged.

If you stick to doing the same routine every time, then the number of calories you burn will become fewer and fewer because your body will adapt to the movements and your muscles will become more efficient.

In this article we give you 10 great workout routines to help you torch fat fast, and get back into shape quickly without having to spend hours slogging away.


Benefits of Treadmill Exercise for a fat-burning workout

You can easily keep track of the progress you are making

Treadmills are easier to use than other gym equipment

There are many different workout programs available

You can lose weight and burn more calories with on-off interval training

You can set aside as little as 10 minutes of your time each day

You will remove belly fat, and improve muscle tone, joint flexibility, and V02Max


Recommended Treadmill Features

Some of the more recent treadmill models provide features such as a high speed motor, shock absorption, touch screens and power incline settings. But whether you choose a manual treadmill or one the very latest motorised models, we strongly recommend you get a model that can fold away easily away after use.

Before you buy a treadmill for your workout program, check out as many treadmill reviews as possible for the best advice on selecting a model that fits your needs and budget.


High-Intensity Interval Training

Interval training is a type of training that involves periods of high-intensity workouts that are interspersed with rest periods. The high-intensity workout involves anaerobic exercise, combined with rest periods, or active recovery at low speeds.

Interval training can burn more calories over a shorter length of time. It will help burn more calories than if you were just to do a steady cardio training session. If you were to add interval training into a walking or treadmill session, then you would walk and then add in short bursts of intense jogging or running and then slow back down to walking.

So now we’ve covered off way you should mix up your treadmill workouts here are 10 treadmill workouts to burn fat and help you get back in shape.


  1. 10-Minute Treadmill Workout 

Beginners: will start out with 20 seconds of brisk walking, and follow it with 40 seconds of recovery time. Repeat this process 10 times.

Intermediate: start with 30 seconds of moderate intensity jogging and follow it with 30 seconds of recovery time. Repeat this process 10 times.

Advanced: Do 40 seconds of moderate-to-high intensity running and follow it with only 20 seconds of recovery time. Repeat this process 10 times.

Be sure to begin any level workout with at least a 5-minute warm up of walking and light jogging, and a similar 5-minute cooling off period when your finished.

If you want more of a challenge as you go up the levels in your training, play with the incline and your speed when you want a more challenging workout.

  1. 20-Minute Treadmill Workouts 

For both beginners and advanced workouts alike, you will want to include a 5-minute warm-up before and a 5-minute cooling-down time following your workout. Beginners will want to start off slower with no or only a slight incline. You will then increase your speed and incline slightly in 2-minute intervals as you progress. There are slower 1-minute intervals in the last 10 minutes to help you help your intensity up.

To begin with, play around with the incline until you find what incline setting is right for you.


Time Period Speed
0:00-5:00 4.0 mph/ 6.5 km/h
5:00-6:00 5.0 mph/ 8.0 km/h
6:00-8:00 5.5 mph/ 9.0 km/h
8:00-9:00 5.0 mph/ 8.0 km/h
9:00-11:00 6.0 mph/ 9.5 km/h
11:00-12:00 5.0 mph/ 8.0 km/h
12:00-14:00 5.5 mph/ 9.0 km/h
14:00-15:00 4.0 mph/ 6.5 km/h
15:00-17:00 6.5 mph/ 10 km/h
17:00-18:00 5.0 mph/ 8.0 km/h
18:00-20:00 5.5 mph/ 9.0 km/h


Treadmill Exercises

For advanced treadmill workouts in a 20-minute time frame, you will start out at a higher speed after your warm-up and then increase the speed by .5 every minute. You will stay steady without an incline for the first 2 minutes following the warm-up and then gradually begin increasing the incline by 2 degrees every 2 minutes. The last 3 minutes of the 20-minute period will be at a 0 incline and decrease your speed for the last minute. Follow with a 3-minute cool down walk.

Time Speed Incline
0:00-1:00 5.0 mph 0
1:00-2:00 5.5 mph 0
2:00-3:00 5.0 mph 2
3:00-4:00 5.5 mph 2
4:00-5:00 5.0 mph 4


5.5 mph

5.0 mph



7:00-8:00 5.0 mph 6


5.5 mph

5.0 mph



10:00-11:00 4.5 mph 0
12:00-13:00 5.0 mph 6
13:00-14:00 4.0 mph 4
14:00-15:00 5.7 mph 4





5.0 mph

6.5 mph

5.0 mph

7.0 mph

4.0 mph






  1. 30-Minute Treadmill Workout


For a 30-minute treadmill workout, you will have enough time for your warm-up, interval and strength training, as well as the cool-down time.

Warm Up 4 minutes
Speed Interval 1-7 minutes
High Incline Interval 2-7 minutes
Endurance Interval 8 minutes
Cooldown 4 minutes

During your workout, it is a good idea to experiment with the speeds and incline and find a medium that you are comfortable doing. You can always increase speed and incline later after you become more advanced and are looking for more of a challenge during your workout.


  1. 30-Minute Tempo Workout

This 30-minute workout comprises three parts:

Start out with a ten-minute walk or light jog. It should be low intensity.

For the next ten minutes, you will want to raise the intensity level to at least a seven on a scale from 1 to 10.

Finally, the last ten minutes should be strictly for cooling down.

This is a great workout if your not really in the mood but don’t want to skip your workout.


HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a good way to burn fat fast while maintaining and building muscle. HIIT will make you work a little harder than a normal workout and will cause a slightly elevated heart and metabolic rate; this means you will burn more calories during your workout during training, as well as during recovery thoughout the rest of the day.


  1. Basic HIIT Workout

For a basic or beginner workout HIIT treadmill workout program, you can start out on the treadmill by warming up with a 10-minute walk or light jog. After the warm-up, you will raise the intensity by jogging at 10 mph for 1 minute, and then slow down to between 3 and 4 mph for 2 minutes for recovery and rest time. You will repeat this up to eight times to get a full HIIT treadmill workout.


  1. Fast Twitch Muscle Workout

For this simple exercise routine, you will warm up by walking at an easy pace and then work your way up to one interval of intense sprinting and two minutes of recovery time. You can repeat the process as many times as you would like. Be sure to include a four-minute cool-down walk at the end of the workout.

Time Speed
0.00-1:00 7 mph/ 11 km/h
1:00-3:00 5.0 mph/ 8 km/h
3:00-4:00 8.0 mph/ 13 km/h
4:00-5:00 5.0 mph/ 8 km/h
5:00-7:00 9.0 mph/ 14.5 km/h
7:00-8:00 5.0 mph/ 8 km/h
8:00-9:00 7.0 mph/ 11 km/h
9:00-11:00 5.0 mph/ 8 km/h
11:00-12:00 8.0 mph/ 13 km/h
12:00-13:00 5.0 mph/ 8 km/h
13:00-15:00 9.0 mph/ 14.5 km/h
  1. Incline Workout 

For an incline workout, you will no longer be walking or running on just a flat surface. To add intensity and burn more calories, you will change the incline to help further improve muscle tone and mimic the terrain you would be on if you were running or jogging outdoors.

Warm up for 10 minutes at an easy pace

Run for 3 minutes at a high intensity on a 2% incline

Run for 2 minutes at a slower pace for recovery

Repeat this process at intervals of eight

Cool down for 10 minutes at an easy pace

This is a great workout if you want to focus on your ‘butt’ or glute muscles.


Shorter Workouts

  1. 5-Minute Treadmill Workout 

This treadmill workout plan is designed with intermediate users in mind and does not involve any incline change at all. It does, however, incorporate intensity and strength training due to the sudden bursts of speed and slower-paced recovery times. It is just a 5-minute workout that would be perfect for the person who can’t set a lot of time aside for exercise but still wants to lose weight and burn calories fast and effectively.

Time Speed
0:00-1:00 7.0 mph/ 11 km/h
1:00-2:00 3.5 mph/ 5.5 km/h
2:00-3:00 7.5 mph/ 12 km/h
3:00-4:00 3.5 mph/ 5.5 km/h
4:00-5:00 8.0 mph/ 13 km/h
  1. The Treadmill Shuffle

For the treadmill shuffle, you will not just be walking or jogging while facing straight forward. You will be turning your body to the side and shuffle your feet for intervals of time. Be sure you never cross your feet when turned to the side; you want to shuffle your feet.

Begin with a 3-minute walking warm-up at around 5 mph

Turn to the left and side shuffle for at least 30 seconds

Turn to the right and side shuffle for another 30 seconds

Face forward again and jog for another 3 minutes


  1. Total Body Workout

Hill Exercise

For this treadmill exercise, you will start on the treadmill with the interval training, and you will end up on the floor to finish off the exercises to achieve a total body workout.

Start off on the treadmill with a 4-minute warm-up walk or run at a slow and steady pace.

Increase the intensity and speed every minute, while also changing the incline 2% every minute.

You will do this for 5 minutes and then end with another 4-minute cooldown.

Move to the floor and do 75 abdominal crunches, 25 to the left, 25 to the right, and 25 straight forward.

Do two sets of planks on your elbows while holding the position for one minute each time.

Finish with a good stretch. The total time on the treadmill is 5 minutes, and the overall workout from start to finish should come in at under 20 minutes.


Tracking Your Progress

Most treadmills have a LED monitor display that can help you track your progress during your workout. If not, be sure to keep a journal and log all your times, speeds, incline levels, and distances so you can clearly see how much progress you are making as you advance through the different levels of your workout. Keeping track of your progress can also help you calculate how many calories you are burning during each session.

There are also different apps you can download on your Smartphone that will help you track your progress. The apps also come equipped with a stopwatch in case your treadmill does not have this feature so you can stay within the time settings for each workout without the guesswork.


6 to 8-Week Block Programs

To lose the most weight and gain all the benefits of these weight loss routines, you will want to be sure to do them at least 3 to 4 days a week and continue this for 6 or 8-week blocks.

The benefits to following a 6 to 8-week block of continuous and steady endurance programs to lose weight:

See a 10% increase in fat loss

Lose 100 more calories

30% oxidation increase

Decrease fat enzymes

Lose up to six times more body fat.