A Determined 94-Year-Old Female Runner

To run or not to run? That is the question, right? Well, maybe in your case it’s to hit the gym or not? That’s the question. No matter what, whether it’s too hot outside or you’re all alone with strangers at the gym, take a leaf out of Hariette Thompson’s book.

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Hariette Thompson is the oldest woman to finish a half marathon at 94 years old. If she can do the moves, so can you.


“I’m so thrilled that I got through it. I never was 94 before, so I had no idea whether I’d be able to do it or not. But it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be.”

She did the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon clocking in at 3:42:56. If that isn’t enough, she also set a world record in 2015 at the same race making her the oldest woman in the world to complete a full marathon.

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Though it seems fun for her, which it is, she’s also doing it to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society being a two-time cancer survivor. She already raised more than $100,000.

It seems like she has another story again for the grand kids.