Dwayne Johnson and Jennifer Lopez Prove Workouts Are Better With Friends

Longtime friends Jennifer Lopez and Dwayne Johnson spent a night working out. Johnson recently posted in Instagram a pic in what seems like an after workout at trainer Gunnar Peterson’s gym. He’s known for toning up the likes of Sofia Vergara, Minka Kelly and the Kardashians.

Johnson unintentionally put the spotlight on how important having a workout partner is. It’s quite known that unless one is a highly motivated self-starter, one’s tendency to stick to a fitness plan is really low.

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Here’s why working out with a friend is better:

* Time Goes by Faster

When you’re in the gym alone, you tend to watch the clock. This unconsciously makes one unmotivated the next time it’s time to work out. However, when there’s someone to chat with, one tends to look forward to each session and time really flies.


* You Won’t Cancel a Workout

 If your workout buddy is counting on your presence, you’ll unlikely to cancel. One missed workout might not hurt you, you might say. But it’s difficult to get back on track due to lost endurance. Everyone gets tired and everyone gets a busy day, but how come others can stick to their workout routine? A fitness buddy could be their secret weapon.

* You’ll Get an Objective Feedback

No one can objectively view one’s self. Your strength and endurance might be improving or you might have lost weight and gained muscle. Your workout partner gives more honest feedback and validates your progress. Nothing beats the encouragement a gym buddy gives.

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* You Can Celebrate Your Successes Together

Celebrate every few weeks with your partner upon reaching your goals. Go to the mall, catch a movie or just go to the mall. Celebrating your progress isn’t fun when alone.