How to Get the Body of a Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman” featured Hollywood heavyweights, elite-level athletes including martial artists, equestrians, a bobsledder, a hepthathlete, and top CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Ence. She play Penthesilea,one of the Amazonian warriors.

Ence sheds light on how the athlete-actors got the battle-ready bods with the broad shoulders, bulging biceps, thunder thighs and built butts. Badass warrior form in short.

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Their days got spent training with heavy swords and spears, doing acrobatics while on horses and having high-intensity strength and conditioning CrossFit-style workouts.

Likewise, Ence, when training for a competition, exercises up to five hours a day.

She now shares her other workout and diet rules.


Count Your Macros:  This means counting carbs, protein, and fat grams. Ence keeps a high-carb, moderate-protein, low-fat diet that helps her perform and feel her best.

Eat Healthy Carbs: Carbs are your muscle’s primary fuel source. Ence feels strongest on  an optimal amount of carbs to fuel her training. Her go-tos: veggies, whole grains, quinoa, and corn tortillas, as well as other high-fiber grains. “I will do toast on rye or wheat dry or with peanut butter. And sometimes I buy gluten-free pasta and gnocchi to add with meats and veggies.”

Power-Up Meals: Ence always includes a high-quality protein as part of her main meals. Breakfast is often egg whites with veggies, bacon, and corn tortillas.

Lunch and dinner is usually a Trifecta meal: chicken or beef with veggies and brown rice, quinoa, or polenta. “Vegetables and meats are the majority of the food on my plate, and sometimes I will add some type of grain.”

Best Body Advice: To get a leaner, more muscular body, Ence says to focus on fundamental strength-training exercises, such as: front and back squats, pull-up progressions, bench presses, and overhead presses.

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Report: He Put On 20+ Lbs Of Muscle Without Trying – See How

To rev your metabolism, do CrossFit or other types of intense, interval-based cardio workouts like 6 x 400 meter runs or 4 X 400 meter sprints on the rower.

She likes workouts “with odd objects – picking things up and moving them, like stones or pushing and pulling sleds.”

Splurge from time to time: “I can’t live without crunchy salted dark roasted peanut butter – I love it so much I have to hide it from myself! – and specialty coffee drinks, like cappuccino.”