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Scientific "Anabolic Activism" Transformed Tim Kelly To Put On 23 Lbs of Muscle...But How? And Is This Controversial Method Safe?

After constant questions and fears of "missing out" we decided to stop your insanity and delve into the concept of "Anabolic Activism" that is literally making men go nuts.

What is Anabolic Activism and why are you missing out on this secret muscle explosion method that's cleverly guarded by over-priced trainers, celebrities, and now some ordinary people?

How can ordinary people go from struggling to gaining muscle, ripping their shirts and getting washboard abs?

Report: He Put On 20+ Lbs Of Muscle Without Trying – See How

Right now Washington is raging in debate since the election of Donald Trump on whether or not to make this "Anabolic Activism" shut down by regulation their activity. Cries of "not fair" and questioning the possibility of people gaining so much muscle has got the public concerned.

Shockingly doctors are on both sides of the debate where some doctors see the benefit of getting in such amazing shape so quickly and other doctors wonder how this is even possible.

Regular people, like you and I, are putting on 10, 20 and even 30 lbs of muscle while getting shredded are petitioning Washington to keep this available as Hollywood has discovered this decades ago.

Report: He Put On 20+ Lbs Of Muscle Without Trying – See How

Essentially in order for muscle to grow your blood vessels have to expand to import nutrients and increase to testosterone levels rapid muscle gain can happen quickly.

When you can expand blood vessel size + increase testosterone amazing transformations can happen incredibly rapidly.

Dr. Charles Ryan of Loyola Marymount College writes, "The synergistic effect of dilation of the blood vessels with non-compromised endothelial walls and the increase of testosterone has changed our belief on the capacity of how fast the muscle grow".

But is this possible naturally?

Skeptics point out the difficulty of such claims, but the overwhelming evidence shows ordinary people without expensive trainers getting the same results.

This report was written to explain the debate on these sensitive issues and to highlight the fact 46 doctors and clinicians have verified these results for ordinary people who can't live in a gym.

The combination of dilation and testosterone has sent shockwaves into the elite who have known this but have kept this way from the public. What's special about the guy on screen with muscle popping everywhere if you could do it too?

How much longer will this be available?

Right now you can get everything you need without a prescription but how with Washington to ban this Anabolic Activity as they so-called named it we can't make promises.

We've seen all the claims, all of the pseudo-science and with doctors around the globe endorsing this there is no way for you to get fantastic results.


After my first week I started to experience abounding energy and power and by the 4th week I was on the path of getting shredded after years of struggles in the gym.

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