SHREDZ CEO Fires Devin Physique After Photoshop Scandal

A major blow to growing company Shredz.

A new scam has been revelealed. Devin Zimmerman, aka Devin Physique, is a SHREDZ sponsored athlete… or rather was a SHREDZ sponsored athlete. It was recently revealed that the fitness model was exposed for doctoring his photos with Adobe and for selling diet and workout plans that were created by his assistant and not by himself as it was claimed. Here’s a video from his assistant, Kelly Willett – that goes into a lot more detail:

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Here’s also an example released of the photoshopped images:


What was found may shock you, or you could just be like “Yeah I saw it coming.” Devin himself also made a statement after the news hit the internet.

“I just want to say sorry to all of you guys if I let any of you down by touching up my photos.” – Devin Physique

He went on to say that everyone else in the industry does it also and this is the reason he did it. However, there is a difference between a magazine cover edit and someone just using a few filters on Instagram. When you majorly change a photo to make you look in much better shape in order to market your own products for financial gain, this is fraud. Just because others do it doesn’t make it okay. Here are a few of the before and after shots.

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Report: He Put On 20+ Lbs Of Muscle Without Trying – See How


So what about SHREDZ? The company that had been sponsoring this now-controversial athlete? The CEO of SHREDZ has now released an official statement via YouTube. Now you might expect this to be an attempt to cover their athlete and cover face but in an interesting move – the CEO opens up and gives a pretty good explanation as to why Devin did what he did. Check it out below:

Report: He Put On 20+ Lbs Of Muscle Without Trying – See How

What do you think about the Devin Physique scandal? And what does the future of SHREDZ look like? Let us know in the comments below



Via: Generation Iron