Top 3 Muscle Building Exercises for Women

We will, in this muscle building exercises for ladies article, focus on key exercises that a ton of experienced fitness models use.

The Squat

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Many love the squat. It focuses on the gluteus maximus, the thighs, the hips and your lower body.

The squat muscle building exercises for ladies can be performed in different ways. You can either use the smith machine for support or a barbell.

Abs Exercises

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It is no surprise that abs exercises make the top list of the top 3 muscle building exercises. We all know how ideal having flat abs is. Not only do almost all clothes look good on you, it is also beneficial to the health of your back.


Studies have shown that many old people strolling with a twist is due to the absence of solid abs.

There are many ways to do muscle building ab exercises. You can do yoga, you can use the pull up bar or even utilize the exercise ball.

Bench Press

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The bench press seems to have developed a stigma that sees it viewed as a male-only exercise. Perhaps it’s because a lot of bench presses at the local gym seem to be dominated by large men who grunt a lot. Don’t be put off by this, however. The bench press is a most effective chest exercise. It is also a compound exercise, which means you will work several other muscle groups and raise your heart rate in addition to firming up your pecs.

The above the 3 muscle building exercises for women have some great advantages as they each target areas that are important to not only woman, but also men. If done correctly, the muscle building exercises for women will do wonders for you.