Trying to Lose Weight? Here are 12 Snacks That Will Help

You’ve devoted yourself to a life of regular exercise and eating healthy meals, but don’t let that progress fail because you’re snacking on the wrong stuff. Keep these natural and prepackaged weight loss snacks, as well as these simple healthy recipes handy and see real results this year.

1. Edamame with sea salt: This tasty veggie packs 8 grams of fiber and 17 grams of protein per one cup serving. It’ll keep you full until your next meal without lurking over the cookie jar with envy! It can be served warm or cold, making it one of the best snacks for weight loss.


cottage cheese tomatoes

3. Almonds: Nuts are a simple, nutritious snack full of fiber to keep you full. A generous serving of 23 almonds may seem high in calories for a weight loss-friendly snack, but stick to a raw option in moderation and the benefits will outweigh the calories!


4. Hard-boiled eggs: Eating two hard-boiled eggs as a morning snack will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and will keep you energized and full. They also aid in the digestion of fat, flushing out all the bad from your body.


5. Apples and peanut butter: Apples promote a healthy gut, which is essential for weight loss. Pairing apple slices with peanut butter will provide the protein you need to get you through to the next meal, making it a great snack for weight loss.

one serving apples

7. LÄRABAR®: Especially if you’re working out, having a go-to protein bar is essential. This bar is available in 21 tasty flavors and contains about 200 calories with high fiber and protein.


8. Siggi’s® Non-Fat Yogurt: This yogurt has live and active cultures to promote a healthy gut, plus it has 15 grams of protein to help keep you fuller longer. You can check out Siggi’s here and purchase it online here.

siggis yogurt

Photo Credit: Siggi’s

9. Fruit Naturals® Red Grapefruit: This snack pairs fat-burning grapefruit with the convenience of a grab-and-go package! Each fruit cup is only 120 calories. Buy it online here.


Photo Credit: Wal-Mart

10. SkinnyPop®: Packed with fiber, this healthier popcorn is all natural and contains only three ingredients. It’s the perfect alternative to buttery, greasy microwave popcorn.

Skinnypop popcorn

Photo Credit: Plum Market

11. Carrot Dippers: Have a crunchy snack alongside creamy low-fat ranch dressing with these tasty carrot dippers. Each serving contains only 35 calories and the carrots are packed with nutrients! Get the nutrition facts from Grimmway Farms here.

carrot dippers grimmway

Photo Credit: Grimmway Farms

12. Pepperidge Farm® Swirl 100% Whole-Wheat Cinnamon with Raisins: Instead of indulging in starchy breads, opt for this smarter whole-wheat option. It’s thin, packed with sweet flavor and contains only 80 calories! Click here for more info.

pepperidge farm swirl

Photo Credit: Target