Beer Fortified With Protein

Beer fortified with protein. Drink a cold brew while meeting your fitness goals. This is where your WORKOUT meets your WEEKEND.

And some words from the inventors of this product themselves:

Supplemental Brewing is a startup brewing company that specializes in making beers that not only taste great but also meet your fitness goals. We believe that everyone in America should be able to enjoy a cold protein beer after a hard workout, and we are asking for your help to make that a reality. By backing this project, you will help start the fitness beer revolution.

To back this project and earn some fantastic rewards, follow these steps:

  • Click the green “Back This Project” button.
  • Choose your reward (additional rewards and/or multiple of the same award can be added on by increasing your dollar amount here).
  • Sign up with Kickstarter and click “Pledge.”
  • Share our project with friends! If we don’t reach our funding goal, we walk away with nothing, and no one receives their cool rewards.

With this project, we are seeking to release two protein beers for all you fitness buffs: Brewtein and NutriBeer.




NutriBeer, our lighter, low carb beer, is made for the fitness-minded drinker seeking to limit calorie intake. NutriBeer fits into the classic light lager style, with a light, crisp body, subtle citrus flavor, and smooth finish. Best served ice cold.


Why Your Contribution Matters

Starting a brewing company is an extremely resource-intensive undertaking, especially when producing products as innovative and unprecedented as Brewtein and NutriBeer. Your contribution will go directly to bringing our protein beers to a store near you. But what does that really mean? Outlined below are the key areas in which the Kickstarter funds will be spent.

Recipe finalization: During our early development stages, our beers have been described as “great,” “delicious,” and “angelic” (okay maybe not “angelic”). Even though we have developed a recipe that results in great tasting beer packed with protein, we will continue to refine it and ensure it scales to the multi-barrel batches we will be brewing in the future.

Production, bottling, and canning: Starting a brewing company is expensive. What’s even more expensive is creating a brewery with all the equipment from scratch. This is why we will partner with an existing brewery for production, bottling, and canning, to ensure our beers make it to your mouth as soon as possible. The Kickstarter funding will make this partnership possible.

Distribution across America: We want everyone to be able to partake in a delicious protein beer, so we will spend the money up front to ensure we distribute our beers to a wide geographic area. As with production, this distribution level will be made possible thanks to your contribution.


Did we mention we offer some fantastic rewards? All rewards have FREE SHIPPING within the US. Also, all rewards can be earned as add-ons. For example, if you want a gym bag and a Beerbell, simply select the Beerbell as your reward and change your contribution to $70. This also works with multiples, so if you’d like two Beerbells, select the Beerbell and change your contribution to $100. We will send out a survey to clarify your order and confirm we have it correct before mailing, so don’t worry about having everything perfect now. Rewards will ship in early December, perfect for the holiday season!