Burn 100 Calories in Just 4 Minutes!

The famous American fitness coach Jim Sarete developed his method of rapid weight loss for those who usually do not have time for that.

The traditional exercises this coach considered ineffective. For example, with running you only lose 150 calories per hour. But his exercises allow burning 100 calories in just 4 minutes if you follow the instructions.

“If you think you are in good physical condition, you can even choose to limit yourself to only 2 minutes. And you can do it four minutes of exercise every day, “advises Sarete.

He perfected this plan of exercises for people who lead inactive lifestyles and that they get tired in the gym just a few minutes after the start of training. To give you this exercise entered into a habit try to do them with your family.

This exercise program that can help you lose 100 calories in just a few minutes, consists of:


Jumping with hands outstretched

Work up to 10 repetitions.


10 reps will also be enough.


Repeatedly up to 10 pushups. If you have any problems you can do them against the wall not the floor.


Do 10 repetitions on each leg.


Sarete recommends that this mini-complex of exercises is done each time when possible.

You can do the exercises in four consecutive repetitions. Between repetitions you should pause for 1 minute. Accordingly the mini complex exercises can be converted to a full 20-minute training session.

That’s enough. Sarete says strenuous workout in the gym is only required for those who want to have a perfect fit form that will leave an impression on the environment. If you just want to look young and feel great those 20 minutes a day will be enough.